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Meghan Markle and Harry: Why their luxurious villa is a danger to the Crown


According to information from royal specialist Russel Myers, some of the Queen’s relatives are afraid that Meghan and Harry might sign contracts that could bring shame on the Crown in order to pay off their new villa in Los Angeles.

Last June, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry bought a magnificent villa in Los Angeles. The program included multiple bathrooms, a playroom for Archie, an addiction for Doria Ragland, the Duchess’s mother, and a large lot.

Their happiness has a price, and it is not less than 12.3 million euros that they had to pay to acquire this majestic residence. Only two months after this purchase, made in the greatest secrecy, tongues are loosening at Buckingham Palace.

To pay back the 12.3 million euros, Archie’s parents will have to work: give lectures, do dubbing and above all find a financial windfall that could ensure them a regular income.

Since they left their royal functions, Meghan and Harry have indeed to manage by their own means to bring in money, and this frightens the entourage of Queen Elizabeth II. Indeed, some people fear that the couple will sign contracts that will reduce or shame the royal family for the simple purpose of easily and quickly earning money to pay off debts.

Two debts to be repaid

As Express.co.uk points out, Meghan and Harry not only have the loan for their new home to pay off, but also the renovations at Frogmore Cottage, which they have promised to repay to the tune of 2.7 million euros. In total, each month, they have to take 75,000 euros out of their pockets between the 20,000€ for Frogmore Cottage and the 55,000€ for their villa in Los Angeles.

The royal specialist of the Mirror, Russell Myers, returned on these figures in the podcast Pod Save the Queen of Ann Gripper and evoked the “nervousness” of the palace in front of these debts to be refunded and how to refund them.

“The people at the palace are getting a little nervous about this because they don’t yet know what deals they’re going to make to earn money and finance their luxurious lives,” he explained. The Crown should not be associated with a controversial business or a dubious agreement.

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