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Meghan Markle and Harry: what if the queen changed the rules of the Megxit?


While Elizabeth II had established a specific protocol for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to follow, she may be making changes to it. In the coming months, the Megxit may change its modalities.

Before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle caused an earthquake in the British monarchy, they agreed on very specific rules. Last March, after less tension within the royal family and the birth of their son Archie, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced that they would relinquish their senior positions and move across the Atlantic.

A real thunderbolt in England. While Elizabeth II was quick to assure “full support” for the couple’s choice, “even though [they] would have preferred to remain full members,” she did not let them leave without setting a framework.

Together, they defined a strict “transitional framework” to ensure that the Megxit went as smoothly as possible. But while it is already well underway, as the Sussex have found their villa in Los Angeles and have started signing juicy contracts, everything could change in the coming weeks.

According to specialist Richard Fitzwilliams, nothing is set in stone. “It’s important to keep in mind that Harry and Meghan are a unique case,” the royal author told The Express, which recalls that they are “members of the royal family who do not work”, “provided that the arrangement negotiated by the Queen with Sandrigham is renewed”.

After holding talks with Prince Charles, Prince William and Her Majesty, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle agreed to a one-year transition period, which will end in March 2021. Together, they agreed on several rules to be followed between now and that date.

Starting with the fact that Archie’s parents officially renounce their rights to exercise their royal functions. They were also prevented from using the word “royal” in their business and personal dealings, even though they retained their full titles.



Terms that are not final

Authorized to leave the territory with Archie, to settle first in Canada and then in the United States, the Duke and Duchess can also enter into agreements with companies, which they did with Netflix. But if their new life has indeed started in Los Angeles several months ago, it may well change.

Because before the Megxit was formalized, they agreed to sign this transition period “to make sure the arrangement works for all parties,” as one source explained at the time. Concretely, if Elizabeth II did not agree with the new Sussex daily, she could change the terms or even break it.

“The point of the twelve-month review is that the family wants the best for them and everyone recognizes that this is uncharted territory,” a palace source told the Daily Telegraph a few weeks ago. Rather than doing something definitive, it’s more like a pragmatic family conversation about what works and what may not work.

” While Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have made their mark in the United States, the royal family is not happy with their plans. And tensions with Prince William are growing a little more acute. Now that they are only halfway through their transition period, the future of Sussex could take an unexpected turn.

Photo credits : Agency / Bestimage

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