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Meghan Markle And Harry: Their Son Archie In Regular Contact With Elizabeth II Thanks To A New Initiative



To avoid the coronavirus, the Queen fled Buckingham Palace to Windsor. But the 93-year-old monarch was not going to completely cut off contact with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Now she is opting for video conferencing, which will also be very useful for communicating with Archie, who no longer lives in the UK.

Going back to school at almost 94 is what is sort of happening to Queen Elizabeth II. In the midst of a coronavirus crisis, the nonagenarian has left Buckingham Palace for Windsor Castle, where there are far fewer people to be around (100 as opposed to 500 at Buckingham), but in this very complicated context, how can she not totally cut off all contact with her family and continue to communicate?

There is a ready-made solution: video calls, according to The Telegraph. When she was crowned in 1953 in front of millions of television viewers, she probably had no idea that one day she would use such modern technology to communicate with her great-grandchildren.

But as with the Covid-19, every physical contact is a danger, especially for the elderly, it is much safer to use this means of communication, which requires a little training.

“Like grandmothers and great-grandmothers across the country, the Queen needs to receive an intensive course on how to make and receive video calls, so that she can talk to family members who cannot see her in person,” says the Telegraph.

This is a new way of communicating for the Queen, and one that can be used in a lasting way to maintain a real bond with Archie, the son of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who had decided to renounce their royal engagements and leave the United Kingdom.

The former actress of the Suits series is familiar with video calls, as she used this practice a few days ago on the occasion of a momentary return to British soil. Archie was not on the trip to avoid catching the coronavirus, so it was thanks to FaceTime that he had kept the link with his mum. He will not be out of place next week for the first family videoconference with the Queen.

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