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Harry and Meghan: That warning on their Montecito villa


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry thought they had finally found a safe haven in Santa Barbara. But it was without counting on a wild animal wandering around their property.

For once, the threat which weighs on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle comes neither from Buckingham, nor from the scandal press. First settled in Beverly Hills, the Sussex family moved in July to a luxurious villa in Montecito, California.

A neighborhood of Santa Barbara much more isolated where they have as neighbors Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres. But choosing a place to live in the heart of nature presents a significant risk. As the Sun reveals, a brown bear was spotted roaming near the couple’s villa.

CCTV footage shows the wild animal wandering around the neighbors’ houses. It is even reported to have attacked chickens and rummaged through garbage cans. The animal had apparently taken up residence on an uninhabited ranch, but when the property was sold, the bear began wandering again. Sighted near Oprah Winfrey’s home, the bear is now moving close to the Sussex property line.

To avoid accidents, the municipality sent an email to the residents to warn them. While the goal is obviously to protect the community from a possible attack, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, the federal agency responsible for protecting wildlife, also wants to ensure the safety of the animal, which can weigh up to 250 kg.

“The sheriffs have contacted Fish and Wildlife to set a trap for the animal so that it can be moved safely,” the Sun reads in this e-mail. It is hoped that the Sussex still took the time to find out what to do if they come face to face with the animal: stay still, grow as tall as possible by raising your arms and, most importantly, don’t run away. Easier said than done!

Photo credits: Backgrid USA / Bestimage

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