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Meghan Markle and Harry, the new Kardashians?


A few weeks after signing their juicy contract with Netflix, Harry and Meghan were taken to task on social networks. Compared to the members of the Kardashian family for allegedly agreeing to let cameras film them on a daily basis, the Sussexs were keen to set the record straight.

Exiled to Santa Barbara, where they bought a sumptuous villa, Harry and Meghan, now financially independent, have no choice but to work to finance their luxurious lifestyle. But while the Sussex recently signed a juicy contract with Netflix, The Sun revealed on Monday, September 28 that they could be followed daily by the streaming giant’s cameras.

An announcement that has largely annoyed the Web, and to which Archie’s parents, compared to members of the Kardashian family by Richard Palmer, the Daily Express’ royal correspondent, reacted.

Harry and Meghan confirm the fact that they will not be filmed in their daily lives, informs Newsweek. “The Duke and Duchess will not appear on any reality TV show,” a spokesman for the couple reported. An announcement that comes just hours after those of the British tabloid, which nevertheless presented a “tasteful” project.


Sussex, not ready to compete with the Kardashians

“They may have had all these noble ideas about producing epics highlighting environmental causes and poverty, but Netflix obviously wants them to give a bit of themselves,” said one source, adding that the Sussex “want to give people a glimpse of their lives.”

However, eager to protect their privacy, the young parents seem to have no intention of competing with the famous Kardashian family and their reality show, but would like to devote themselves to causes that are close to their hearts, such as philanthropy or protecting the planet… while waiting for a better offer?

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