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Meghan Markle and Harry: return on the polemics around Frogmore Cottage


After months of controversy, Meghan Markle and Harry have finally honoured their commitment and reimbursed the huge cost of the work at Frogmore Cottage. A hand extended to British taxpayers who had a hard time accepting the couple’s extravagance on the estate.

After months of waiting, the British were finally satisfied. Meghan Markle and Harry, who have just signed a very juicy contract with Netflix, have announced that they have reimbursed the cost of the work carried out at Frogmore Cottage. 2.7 million to the taxpayer and (almost) eclipsed other scandals surrounding the royal residence.

In addition to the many renovations the couple had demanded before they moved in (demolition of interior walls, creation of a nursery, a yoga studio, an organic vegetable garden, a spa…), the latter had also sent the inhabitants of the surrounding area – mainly royal employees and officials – a list of things to do, and above all, not to do in their presence, as detailed by our colleagues at the Sun. Among these prohibitions, the fact of greeting them, of posting mail in their mailboxes but also of stroking their two dogs…


Royal whims

Within a few months, Harry and Meghan had turned this royal building into an ultra-connected house, and above all, a fortress. The parents of little Archie, whose whims have exasperated the subjects of the Crown, do not look at the expense when it comes to their privacy.

In order to live hidden, and therefore happy, if we are to believe the proverb, the Sussex family had not hesitated to bring in an American architect to design the garden. “One of the biggest costs for the renovation of Frogmore Cottage,” the Daily Mail reported, detailing, “Meghan also wanted a tennis court. There’s already one nearby in Home Park. But that would have meant them coming out of the garden and being seen, which she didn’t want. Royal demands that the couple, now solvent, will not soon forget.

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