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Meghan Markle and Harry maintained by Prince Charles…


After Canada, the U.S. for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Wherever they live, they have the same problem: financing their security. According to the Royal Sun specialist Charles Rae, Prince Charles would pay them 2 million pounds a year.

But who will pay for their security? Since they decided to leave their royal duties, this is the question that keeps coming up again and again around Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and their son Archie. As soon as they arrived in Canada, the problem arose, so much so that petitions were circulated so that Canadians would not have to pay for Sussex. Political figures had even taken hold of the issue. Now living in Los Angeles, it is not the Americans who are putting their hands on the purse, but Prince Charles, to some extent. According to the Sun’s royal expert Charles Rae, Prince Harry’s father would pay his son and his wife £2 million (EUR 2.2 million) every year.

Do the British still pay for Meghan and Harry? That was the question asked by Mike Graham in his radio show. And in a way the answer is “yes”. “We’re still paying because at the moment Prince Charles is giving two million pounds a year. (…) It’s to help pay for some of the security,” says the royal specialist.

Twelve months

The money donated by Prince Charles helps them get out of a more complicated situation than expected. The specialist recalls that they arrived in the United States to launch their new careers, and mainly so that the former actress of the series Suits could get back into show business. But there is a guest who was not expected: the coronavirus that “crushes all their plans,” according to Charles Rae, whose comments are reported by Express.co.uk. According to him, Prince Charles had planned to pay them money for twelve months. So the future is very uncertain. “I don’t know how they’re going to get the money in the future,” he said. Financial concerns do not prevent them from showing solidarity and increasing their charitable actions during the epidemic.

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