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Meghan Markle and Harry in the eye of the storm: These new accusations


While the trial between Meghan Markle and MailOnSunday for invasion of privacy is in full swing in London, the British tabloid’s lawyers have just highlighted several Sussex contradictions in the High Court.

Even if they seem to be living the good life in Los Angeles with their son Archie and they signed a record contract with Netflix, the return to school looks more complicated than expected for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

While the Queen may change the rules of Megxit, the Sussex couple is in the eye of the storm for new charges related to Meghan’s ongoing lawsuit against MailOnSunday (and its publisher Associated Newspapers).

At issue? Secrets supposedly revealed by some of Meghan’s friends, which are found in abundance in Finding Freedom, the recent biography of the Sussex couple written by authors Omid Scobie (one of the Duchess’s close friends) and Carolyn Durand.

The book is indeed full of Meghan’s most intimate secrets, from her opinions on the shooting of sex scenes (when she was a young actress) to what she sincerely thinks of Kate Middleton. If Meghan has always supported this version, refuting any personal collaboration with the authors, the MailOnLine lawyers have just highlighted certain contradictions: only she could have known what is told in the book, and all this would have had only one goal: to ensure a “favorable” image.

Did the Sussex lie and collaborate in their biography?

New court documents were filed on September 30 in the High Court in London, which would prove that Meghan “was increasingly frustrated by the media coverage she was receiving, which she claimed did not do her justice.

And on October 1st, in the columns of the DailyMail, the tabloid claims that there is information in the book that could only have come from… Harry and Meghan, like the first intimate words they exchanged, Meghan’s feelings when Archie was born, and even a “detailed account”, according to the lawyers, of their visit to George and Amal Clooney on Lake Como.

Faced with their contradictions

All these details would prove that Meghan and Harry would have been involved, in one way or another, in the writing of their biography, although they have been denying it for weeks. Yesterday, the MailOnSunday’s lawyers relied heavily on this evidence, filing a court document listing all this information that should have been known only to the royal couple: “Much of the information in the book could only have come from the Duchess or her husband themselves,” said one of the defense attorneys.

While Meghan is suing the MailOnSunday for invasion of privacy after the newspaper published excerpts from a letter she had sent to her father Thomas Markle (a letter that appears in the biography), the new charges are unlikely to serve the Sussex parish well in this undecided trial.

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