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Meghan Markle and Harry “ill-mannered” and ready to do anything to catch up with Kate and William : This remarkable sequence


Meghan Markle has already returned to Canada. Harry should be joining her soon. New life for the Sussex. As they reunited with the rest of the royal family for a final engagement at Westminster Abbey on Monday, March 9, the tense reunion continent was to make people talk.

If Kate Middleton and William were not the warmest of friends, the behaviour of the Sussex people was not without blame either. One blogger spotted their very bad manners at the end of the service… Ouch.

Sensitive fans please refrain. That disastrous Monday, March 9 is already far behind her as she returned to Canada that evening to find her little Archie. But Meghan Markle’s reunion with the rest of the royal family under the vaults of Westminster Abbey on the occasion of Commonwealth Day continues to unleash passions.

For her most ardent admirers, invited the day before to Windsor with Harry by the Queen, greeted by Charles during the service and more glamorous than ever in her green scabbard, Meghan completed her last lap in Britain and showed the Perfidious Albion everything she was going to miss.

To her fiercest contemptuers, ignored by Kate Middleton and William, dodged by Sophie of Wessex and once again outdistanced by the Cambridge’s as she left Westminster, the Duchess of Sussex was held in contempt by “The Firm”, in which not a head should protrude.

The truth is probably somewhere in between. A sense of waste is what Harry’s wife herself seemed to feel when she said goodbye to the Sussex staff at Buckingham, minutes before she left for Buckingham. Meghan let tears flow.

Meghan confided that she wished the Windsor’s would have been more supportive, but the Sussex’s also made some mistakes. For the British press to curry favour with the Duchess for ruining her husband’s life, based on sentiment, nothing new.

But the images filmed by the BBC also speak for themselves. And Harry and Meghan, even before leaving their titles of royal highnesses on March 31, surprised by a lack of attire. Usually satirical, this site offers a deciphering of a rare cruelty of the last appearance of Sussex within the royal family.

Cambridge and Sussex gathered for the last time on Commonwealth Day at Westminster Abbey on 9 March 2020. – Agency / Bestimage


“When you’re in a church, you don’t rush like an impatient rascal.”

Entitled Sussex tantrums, or “the whims of Sussex”, the incriminating article goes back to the unusual placement of the Queen’s grandson and his wife. Unlike in 2018 and 2019, they were not invited to be part of the royal procession following Elizabeth II in Westminster Abbey, the Duke and Duchess were led directly to their rank.

A favour from the Queen, anxious to expose them too long to the photographers, it was thought at first. The absence of the Cambridge’s in the procession was also surprising. Announced at the last minute, it was seen as a nice gesture from Kate and William, not wanting Harry and Meghan to be considered outcasts.

Seeing Kate’s “exhausted and gloomy” face, to quote the British press, it was necessary, as we know today, to understand that the Cambridge had no other choice. The Sussex prevented them from walking straight, and they were determined to blow on the nape of William and Harry’s neck to the end? This is the theory who relies on a series of edifying images at the end of the service at Westminster.

As a reminder, William and Kate were seated in the front row, alongside Camilla, Charles and Elizabeth II. Behind them, in the second row, Sophie de Wessex, her affable husband Edward, Meghan and Harry, repeating their vexations.

As the Queen rose, soon followed by her row, we can see Harry and Meghan pushing Her Majesty’s chair and Charles’ chair to catch up with the Cambridge’s, instead of waiting for the Wessex’s to rise. It is not unusual for the Sussex to follow Kate and William, themselves in line behind Charles, Camilla and the Queen. The eagerness of Meghan and Harry is more a question of manners. “

At first it’s rude; then it spreads an image of disorder and awkwardness. For those who would ask why this is rude, when you are in a church, you have to walk along the chairs and go through the nave, you don’t rush like an impatient rascal. They showed their bad manners in a venerable church, even though the event was being broadcast on TV,” the author of harrymarkle.wordpress.com is outraged.

An awareness of cameras and photographers that cause uneasiness, while Sussex people demand tranquility.

For the blogger, Harry – disfigured by “a mask of disdain” – and Meghan – “smiling like the Green Goblin in Spiderman” – would have hurried into the camera field. A paradox that is indeed astonishing, as Charles’ youngest son kept repeating that he wanted to live a normal life and that his wife would never have understood the extreme coldness of the Windsor’s.

The observer finally notes that the couple waited until they left Westminster to hold hands. This gesture was not totally harmless in front of the photographers. Further proof that he knows how to respect protocol. When it suits him. The same evening, organising a reception in Buckingham for the 25th anniversary of Place2Be, an association she sponsors, Kate Middleton was trying to erase the spectre of Meghan. A reconciliation is definitely not on the agenda for the next few weeks…

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