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Meghan Markle and Harry close to Donald Trump’s support: This disconcerting turnaround


Harry and Meghan Markle seem to have put their quarrel with Donald Trump aside by getting closer to one of the supporters of the American president. A way for the couple to make a fresh start following their move to the United States and make their business flourish?

Between Sussex and Donald Trump, it’s not exactly mad love. Last March, the American president had been firm following the Megxit by indicating that the United States will not pay for the security costs of the couple, newly settled in his country. An outing that did not fail to irritate the main parties involved, who seem to have changed their minds. Meghan Markle and Harry asked to meet Rick Caruso, one of Donald Trump’s main supporters. A 61-year-old real estate tycoon with a huge fortune to boost US economic growth after the coronavirus crisis.

The meeting would have gone very well, as the billionaire said in the columns of Vanity Fair magazine: “I had the opportunity to meet them about a month and a half ago and spend time with them. “I was very impressed with them. They’re surprisingly down-to-earth. We talked about their charity work and my company’s work,” he adds. It was an amazing meeting on several levels: on the one hand, some of the businessman’s decisions are at odds with Meghan Markle and Harry’s position on climate change. On the other hand, Rick Caruso is close to Donald Trump, who has been in a cold war with Meghan Markle for many years.

Smart move?

Why are Meghan Markle to Harry willing to bury the hatchet? The Sun recently reported that the little family was being maintained by Prince Charles, who would pay them 2.2 million euros a year.

The coronavirus has totally undermined the couple’s various projects and they now have to improvise. All the more so as they also have to pay back the exorbitant cost of the renovation of Frogmore Cottage, where they had settled after their marriage…

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