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Meghan and Prince Harry: This prestigious award they could win after their shock interview with Oprah Winfrey


Last March, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gave a shock interview to Oprah Winfrey to reveal the background of their departure from the British royal family. And here is that this interview, which has defrayed the chronicle, could bring them a nice reward.

An interview that deserves a reward? Last March, almost a year after their departure from Britain to get away from the royal life and live in Los Angeles, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry gave Oprah Winfrey an interview that has been in the news. Faced with the television papess, the Sussex couple delivered without taboo the background of their departure, as well as the reasons that pushed them to slam the door of the monarchy, with the many repercussions that this choice had for them and their son Archie. An interview that bitterly reminded the Windsors of the interview in 1997 with Lady Diana, and which has also been in the news to the point of arousing the anger of some of them. But that today, could be worth a nice reward.


Indeed, the Emmy Awards have recently unveiled the list of its nominees for these Oscars of American television, which annually reward the series, actors and actresses who have marked the streaming platforms and TV. While The Crown, which recounts the years of Elizabeth II’s reign, received no less than 24 nominations, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were nominated in the category “Hosted Nonfiction Series or Special” for their exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey, broadcast on CBS, which was watched by more than 17 million viewers.

That other award Meghan and Harry recently received

An unprecedented nomination within the Royal family, and that could further widen the gap that now separates the Sussex couple with the Windsors, they have already received an award for choosing not to have more than two children to preserve the planet. A choice that earned them 500 pounds, which will be donated to the association of their choice, while across the Channel, Prince William has been very criticized recently by the fervent supporters of the Duchess of Sussex.

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