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Meghan and Harry: their $150 million contract with Netflix


Do Meghan Markle and Prince Harry really deserve the $150 million contract they just signed with Netflix? Opinions are clear…

A collaboration that is far from unanimous. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have joined the Netflix family by signing a $150 million contract with the streaming platform. Through their company, whose name is still unknown, the couple will be able to offer their own documentaries, films and even children’s programs. An agreement that makes people talk.

American TV host and writer Jane Moore was quick to share her irritation. To the question: “Do they really deserve this contract”, asked by her colleague Charlene White, the answer was not long in coming: “No, end of conversation” before supporting her words. “It really irritates me.

I’m a writer myself. I know there are so many young producers out there trying to make their mark, who would like to work with Netflix… They got this deal because of who they are, not because they’ve proven what they can do.

She admitted that her opinion would have been less clear-cut if they had come forward ten years later having already proven what they could do. “I think that dropping them like that is not good for the creative industry as a whole. Ryan Murphy signed a deal, as did Shonda Rhimes. But they are very good writers, producers, creators,” she insisted.

All over the world, it’s an attraction

His colleague, Gloria Hunniford, was also invited to answer this question. For her, this contract was “inevitable”. “I’m not at all surprised,” she commented. “Because when you talk about giving hope, I think the $100 million could give Meghan and Harry some hope.

We knew when they went back to America that this would happen. They had to make money and it was inevitable that they would do it in a commercial way.” The 80-year-old woman feels that Netflix has played on their popularity with the general public. “You can’t blame Netflix for attracting Harry and Meghan. All over the world, it’s an attraction.”

In closing the debate, Jane Moore said, not without a touch of irony: “The good news is that they can repay the £2.4 million that the British taxpayer paid to renovate the house they no longer live in.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been asked to repay the £2.4 million that the British taxpayer spent on renovating their Frogmore Cottage, which they abandoned to live in a California mansion estimated to cost £14.7 million.

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