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Meghan and Harry soon “very unhappy and insignificant”? The future does not look bright for the couple


Everything is not going well between Meghan and Harry. The couple would even risk becoming “very unhappy and insignificant”. Closer explains why the future does not look bright for the Sussex.

It’s a long slide that awaited Harry and Meghan in distancing themselves from Buckingham Palace. Exiled in the United States for over two years, the Sussexes return only sporadically to the United Kingdom. Excursions that have become rare with the Coronavirus pandemic and its restrictions. Out of sight, out of mind: the couple now takes advantage of the thousands of miles that separate them from the Palace to settle their accounts with the royal family through interventions on television, on Netflix and even a book recently published in bookstores where Harry pulverizes his relatives.

By dint of spilling their venom, the Sussexes may soon have nothing interesting to say, according to one Tom Quinn, who compares them to Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simpson in his forthcoming book, Gilded Youth: A History of Growing Up in the Royal Family: From the Tudors to the Cambridges. “They lived in this beautiful house in France, but we know they were desperately unhappy […] I think Edward VIII, when he abdicated and went to live in France, thought he would remain an important figure,” he explains in the pages of the Daily Express. Would the same unenviable fate hang over the Sussexes? “I fear that Harry will become like Edward VIII and that Meghan will become like Mrs. Simpson”: “very unhappy and insignificant”…

This huge risk that Meghan and Harry run

The Sussexes’ American parenthesis may be closing sooner than expected. In a recent article in the Daily Mail, we learn that a group of conservative activists would militate in favor of their expulsion after Harry revealed in his memoirs to have consumed numerous narcotics. What to justify severe sanctions against the son of Charles III. If he lied to immigration officials, Charles III’s son faces not only deportation but also a ban on his application for U.S. citizenship. A clarification from Harry is needed more than ever, according to Mike Howell, director of the Heritage Foundation’s oversight project: “This request is in the public interest in light of the potential revocation of Prince Harry’s visa for substance abuse and other questions regarding the prince’s drug use and whether he was properly screened before entering the United States.” On the Washington side, they reportedly refuse to stick their noses into the prince’s “private life.”


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