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Meghan and Harry: How much will a couple’s conference cost?


Now financially independent, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have decided to join forces with a well-known agency to become speakers. And the price of a performance is enormous.

To receive the Sussex, you’ll now have to get your hands on the wallet. Accustomed to travelling willingly to official engagements when they were senior members of the royal family, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have decided to be paid for the conferences where they will be solicited.

As Daily Mail reporter Rebecca English reveals, now that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are financially independent, they plan to make money for their speaking engagements to secure a source of income. And this will come at a cost to the organisers, as the price for a conference could be as much as £300,000, or more than €331,000.

It has to be said that for their new life as lecturers, little Archie’s parents did not choose to surround themselves with just anyone. As reported by Reuters, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry decided to call on the New York-based Harry Walker agency, which manages personalities such as Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and Oprah Winfrey.

Among their favourite themes, they will talk about racial justice, gender equity, the environment and mental health. But these are not so different from the royal commitments they have honoured in the past, and which they will also support through their organisation, Archewell.

Meghan and Harry “too vague” about their foundation

A new activity that is likely to be very busy for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who for several months have been very discreet, appearing occasionally on social networks to react to various news.

It must be said that behind the scenes, the Sussex couple has several small details to settle in order to ensure their future in Los Angeles, far away from the royal family.

And they recently had to deal with a blow that could jeopardize their plans. Indeed, after wanting to deposit the name of their foundation, the Duke and Duchess received a “notice of irregularity”, reproaching them for being “too vague” about Archewell’s real intentions.

They now have until next August to make a few small changes to their application, which will be rejected after that time. As The Mirror reports, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are not specific enough about the “formulation” of their intentions, which the report defines as “content relating to philanthropy, monetary donations, volunteer and career opportunities”. Intentions “undefined and overly broad” according to the reviewers, which “need to be clarified to specify the nature of the content”.

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  1. I am getting increasingly bored by what Prince Harry and his wife get up to. They have made clear that they are no longer a part of this country very sadly, because they have chosen to take a different path in another country. I wish them well, BUT , I do hope that Prince Harry will find something to do that will interest and enrich him while his wife makes her name in Hollywood.


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