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Meghan and Harry : a rare portrait of the royal couple unveiled


Meghan and Harry have been working on a photo shoot for Time Magazine for an online event on “Building a Better World” organized by Time Magazine. A proof of their complicity, stronger than ever.

Meghan Markle confided it a few days ago: “Your voice matters.” So the Duchess of Sussex decided to participate in an event organized by Time magazine called Time100Talks with Prince Harry. The couple will co-host a portion of the event that will take place online, with the goal of creating more communities with more compassion.

Entitled “Building a Better World”, the Talk will be held on October 20th. And to promote this unprecedented online appearance, The Time has invited the couple for a small photo shoot. A black-and-white photograph, which testifies to the infinite complicity and love that binds Meghan and Harry, the duchess resting her elbow on her husband’s leg with a broad smile, taken by photographer Matt Sayles. The latter has already photographed John Legend, Kit Harington, NickJonas and the actors of the Riverdale series.

Among the guests were Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of Reddit and husband of Serena Williams, Maria Ressa, President of the Center for Human Technology, Rachel Cargle, activist and founder of The Loveland Foundation and many others.


A powerful voice

A way to be heard for the couple who have deserted social networks and this to a different audience. To Fortune Magazine, she said: “Your voice matters. You realize it even more when you don’t use it anymore. No matter how much experience I’ve had over the last few years, compared to anyone else’s experience, you can’t take for granted the ability of women to be heard, and now through these platforms people can be heard by a wider audience, so I feel the responsibility is all the greater.”

One thing’s for sure: Meghan and Harry will be heard.

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