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Why Elizabeth II’s cousin had caused controversy at her meeting with Meghan Markle


In December 2017, during her meeting with Meghan Markle, Marie-Christine de Kent, cousin of Elizabeth II, whose health was worrying, had opted for a jewel that had then caused controversy.

A jewel in bad taste and a bad point for a first meeting. While the United Kingdom is still affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, after Prince Charles and Prince William, Marie-Christine de Kent becomes the new member of the royal family who tested positive for the virus.

The wife of Michael de Kent, cousin of Elizabeth II, suffers, according to her spokesman, from “extreme fatigue and terrible fevers”, which does not at all reassure the Windsor people, especially since she is 75 years old. It’s a sad way to talk about her, several years after her first meeting with Meghan Markle, and one that the Duchess will likely remember for a long time to come.

It was in December 2017, during her first Christmas with the Royal Family, that Prince Harry’s wife met Marie-Christine of Kent. And for the occasion, the princess wore a piece of jewelry in poor taste to accessorize her outfit, she had opted for a brooch of a black servant wearing a gold turban.

And many saw it as a racist accessory, and all the more disturbing because it was worn in the presence of Meghan Markle, herself an African-American and great-granddaughter of slaves. Although she later apologized publicly for wearing such a jewel, the controversy did not fail to remind the British of her past comments against African-Americans.

Marie-Christine de Kent subscribes to racist outings

In 2004, she had already been accused of racism after she asked African-Americans to “go back to their colonies” on the pretext that they spoke too loudly in restaurants. She had also called the Williams sisters, Serena and Venus, tennis champions who were very close to Meghan Markle, “black sheep”. The Duchess of Sussex may have had a good case when she complained about racism within the royal family.

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