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Lilibet Diana: Why the face of Meghan and Harry’s daughter will remain a mystery


If the public dreams of discovering the face of Lilibet Diana, it will probably have to wait a while. Freed from their royal obligations, Meghan and Harry can now protect their second baby from the eyes.

Millions of fans would like to see her. Finally announced Sunday evening, by a statement, the arrival of the little Lilibet Diana has delighted all the admirers of the Sussex. But unlike Archie, whose photo was discovered two days later, no picture was released. This one may even be long awaited, since Meghan and Harry intend to take advantage of their distance from the royal family to impose their own communication.

The couple “will not share a photo for the moment,” quickly cooled the journalist and close friend of the Sussex Omid Scobie. No longer obliged to pass in front of the camera, as was the case for their first child Archie, now protected from the flashes, the happy parents should also not reveal the names of godparents of Lilibet Diana according to the daily The Telegraph, which specifies that the baptism will be private.

The baby of reconciliation?

Meghan and Harry, who are still marking their difference with Kate and William by taking a 20-week parental leave, however, seemed to reach out to Queen Elizabeth II by choosing to call their daughter Lilibet Diana. According to the tabloid DailyMail, the sovereign was indeed “surprised” that the Sussexes decided to use her nickname. Enough to forget the recent controversies and the explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey? “I do not know if it will sound the peace, but it shows how close they are to the queen,” thinks our source.

Why Meghan and Harry get to keep their Lilibet gifts

Happy parents of a little Lilibet, Meghan and Harry should receive an avalanche of gifts. And this time, they get to keep them.

The news awaited by millions of fans has finally arrived. On Sunday, Meghan and Harry announced in a statement sent from Los Angeles their “immense joy” to have become parents of a little Lilibet, their second child after Archie. A great moment for the Sussexes, whose new life away from the royal family will allow them to keep the gifts they received for the birth of their daughter if they wish.

Because among the many rules to which Meghan and Harry were subjected within the monarchy, one of them was precisely about the presents. Many of them could not be accepted by the protocol, such as advertising gifts. The guidelines are clear: no gift should be accepted if it places a member of the royal family under any obligation to the giver. Gifts from public organizations or associations are still accepted, as are flowers or books from fans.

An appeal for donations

Freed from these obligations – which also allows them not to show their daughter’s face – Meghan and Harry should not accept many gifts. As with Archie, the Sussexes are encouraging the public to make donations. “For those of you who want to send us gifts, we ask instead that you support and learn about these women’s and girls’ charities – Girls Inc, Harvest Home, CAMFED and Myna Mahila Foundation,” said the couple, who will take 20 weeks of parental leave to enjoy their little Lilibet Diana.

Meghan Markle makes an unexpected nod to her daughter Lilibet Diana

Born on June 4, Meghan Markle and Harry’s daughter Lilibet Diana has already had the right to an unexpected wink from her mother. In her first book published today, Tuesday June 8, the Duchess of Sussex pays a tribute to her daughter.

It is today that The Bench, Meghan Markle’s first book is released. At the heart of many controversies even before being published, this children’s book, notably accused of being a plagiarism of The Boy and the Bench, tells the story of this “so special relationship” father-son “through the eyes of a mother”. And the little Lilibet Diana, born a few days ago in the very famous Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, has the right to a nice wink. It is what reveals the magazine Hello which obtained the book of the actress.

The sister of Archie seems indeed to appear among the illustrations. The last illustration shows a redheaded man and a little boy feeding chickens while a young brunette woman is in a vegetable garden holding a baby. And the latter could actually represent Lilibet Diana. The scene is indeed quite similar to the Sussexes’ family life in their Montecito home. As they revealed to Oprah Winfrey last March, Meghan Markle and the youngest son of Charles and Diana share most of their time caring for their wild chickens and grow their own vegetables.

L'illustration de The Bench publiée par Hello Magazine, ce 8 juin 2021


A controversial book

Even before The Bench was published, the Duchess of Sussex was already facing a lot of criticism. Some people reproached this story, officially born from a poem written by the 39-year-old American for her husband Harry on Father’s Day, for being a plagiarism of a popular book for children. Others thought that this first book by the mother of Archie and Lilibet Diana was more suitable for an adult audience. As is often the case, Meghan Markle did not find favor with everyone. But her daughter will probably one day be very touched by this discreet wink.

Photo credits: Agency / Bestimage

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