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Lilibet Diana: Meghan and Harry’s daughter still not recognized by the royal family


Will Lilibet Diana ever be recognized by the Royal family? In any case, Meghan and Harry’s daughter is still absent on the official website of the British monarchy…

It’s been seven weeks since Lilibet Diana was born and yet, no trace of the little one on the official website of the British monarchy. Eighth in the order of succession, the daughter of Meghan and Harry is still not recognized by the royal clan. According to the findings of The Sun, this Saturday, July 24, the son of Zara and Mike Tindall has yet made his entry into the list of members of the crown, while he was born last March. This omission (voluntary?) would have angered the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, themselves demoted on the official website. Note that their first child, Archie, had been listed on the website a fortnight after his birth.

During their interview with Oprah Winfrey, last March, Meghan and Harry were moved that their eldest child is not a prince. Without being a princess either, Lilibet is automatically included in the order of succession to the throne, just behind her brother, although she has no royal title. However, her absence on the official website of the monarchy raises questions. It is clear that she is treated differently from her cousins. For example, Kate and William‘s son Louis was included in the list twelve days after his birth. “All they have to do is go back to the line and put another number. They’ve done it in the past for Archie,” royal expert Chris Ship noted to the Royal Rota podcast.

Little Lilibet is still not named

Why is Lilibet’s name being ignored by the Firm? According to the Daily Mirror, the official website of the monarchy is updated periodically. If some of Elizabeth II’s grandchildren have quickly appeared on this famous list, others have taken much longer. August, the son of Princess Beatrice, took more than 60 days to be recognized on the site.

That said, the frosty relationship between Prince Harry and his family, especially with his father Charles and brother William, could be part of the story. Elizabeth II, nicknamed Lilibet by her late husband, was not consulted by her grandson when he chose the name of his daughter. The latter is still not baptized but her parents would like to organize the ceremony at Windsor Castle, in the presence of Elizabeth II. A potentially explosive family reunion, when we know that Harry has planned to release his memoirs soon…

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  1. Wish Harry would stop posting all his opinions, were really couldn’t care less about their opinions how arrogant of them.
    Prior announcement of publicity trip to England in November,not so long ago he said he didn’t like theBritish Press ,now he wants everyone to know he and his film crew are coming here.
    Ever since moving to US he and his wife have pushed themselves into getting in the limelight,trying to get lots of attention and lots of fat contracts with American organisations who obviously condon his behaviour–The Poor Me ,he who lived in luxury with millions of pounds, No one in Royal Family helped his wife when pregnant was distressed–surely she or her husband who capable making an appointment with medics .
    The way he has behaved past two years ,especially to his Grandmother is appaling.If Megan had any feeling for her husband she would never have spoken about his family in the “interview” like she did, sadly Megan has no respect for anyone not even her own father ,who educated her to best of his ability,

  2. Wish the media would just leave them alone we are not keeping them so what they do with their lives is their business not ours any more just give them some space maybe they will get a chance to heel their differences and reconcile.


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