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Kate Middleton: How did she experience the rumours about her relationship with meghan markle?


Ever since Meghan Markle joined (and then left) the royal family, the Anglo-Saxon press has constantly highlighted the heightened rivalry between the Duchesses of Sussex and Cambridge. The Finding Freedom biography is still adding fuel to the fire.

While William and Harry seem to have drifted further apart than ever before, and find themselves being singled out for alleged conflicts of interest with their foundations, their wives are not to be outdone, and the DailyMail returns on Monday 3 August to the complex relationship between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, as told in Finding Freedom, the biography of the Sussex duchesses that is about to invade the Kingdom’s bookshops.

For more than two years our colleagues across the Channel have been raving about rumours of rivalry between the two duchesses. So much so that it is partly the cause of the Megxit (with Harry’s undeniable desire for emancipation).

Widely described in Finding Freedom, co-written by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, the book’s description of this relationship would have deeply shocked Kate Middleton, who said she was “devastated” and “deeply affected” by the revelations about her quarrel with Meghan.

“It upsets her.”

It was the royal author Andrew Morton who revealed how “bruised” Kate had been by the rumours and quarrels surrounding the royal family that are reported in the book: “There is no doubt that the break-up between Harry and William affected Kate deeply.

It literally upsets her,” the expert also confides. Especially since the revelations in the book are intimate to say the least, such as the fact that the Sussex and Cambridge families have become so bitter towards each other that they have hardly spoken to each other since March, and that the few discussions Harry and William have had were “stuffy and complicated”.

No reaction from the Sussex

Although the sources remained anonymous and the book is based mainly on an investigation and lengthy interviews with the Sussex, the latter did not deny any information and did not attack the authors, who have the easy punishment in this area.

From there to the fact that this new (official) firebrand causes another rupture which could still harm the relationship between the two brothers, it is only a step, and these are indeed all the fears of the monarchy.

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