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Kate Middleton and William better treated than Meghan Markle and Harry? This scathing tweet from the Sussex biographer


On Twitter, this Tuesday, December 22, the biographer of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry protested against favoritism towards Kate Middleton and Prince William, in the midst of a new outcry.

Although Kate Middleton and Prince William were exemplary from the very beginning of the health crisis, applauding the health care staff from the threshold of Anmer Hall, they flouted the restrictions imposed on the United Kingdom because of the coronavirus.

While he notes that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are being blamed for this faux pas, journalist Omid Scobie does not hide his exasperation. In a publication relayed on his Twitter account this Tuesday, December 22, the author of the book Finding Freedom, dedicated to the couple formed by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, denounced media favouritism.

“Imagine if it involved a certain other royal couple,” he began. Obviously, we are talking about the parents of little Archie here. “Cheap shows would call all the experts furious, urgent reports would say that the Queen is ‘disappointed’ (by royal source), and a new YouGov poll, overnight, would demand that their headlines be removed.” Explicit reference to the relentlessness reserved for the former actress and her husband.

In the wake of this scathing comment, heavy with reproaches against the British tabloids – to which Sussex has declared war – Omid Scobie was questioned by Chris Ship, a royal expert for ITV News, who pleaded the case of “certain news channels”. Neither one nor two, the journalist from Harper’s Bazaar magazine answered him, just as acerbic.

“I made no mention of news channels,” he rectified. His interlocutor did not want to stop there. Recalling that the British tabloid The Daily Mail had reserved its cover of the day for the shocking behaviour of Kate Middleton and Prince William, Chris Ship insisted: “They highlighted what had happened. And what is the law. This is the work of a free press.” Once again the biographer of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry came forward. “Where did I say the Mail had hidden something? My tweet talks about the notable absence of breathless comments and furious follow-up reports.”

Cambridge and Sussex reconciled

Dropping their guard, while several areas of England were again under lockdown, Kate Middleton and Prince William and their three children were sighted on Sandringham’s land. Not far away, Sophie de Wessex and Prince Edward with their own children. A total of nine people, as opposed to the six imposed by the British Executive since September 2020. A polemical excursion immortalized in a few snapshots unveiled by The Daily Mail.

And while the British press is divided, first in favor of the Cambridge family and then in the name of the Crown rebels, the two families seem closer to reconciliation than ever. Reunited by their struggle to set the truth about their mother’s confessional interview, Lady Diana, Prince Harry and Prince William have reestablished contact, several months after the storm caused by the Megxit.

And to bury the hatchet, their cold and distant greetings of Commonwealth Day being a distant memory, the Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle sent “a pile of Christmas presents” to the children of Kate Middleton and the Crown Prince, as royal expert Katie Nicholl recently reported in True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat.

Photo credits: Agency / Bestimage

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