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I never ran away: Prince Harry sets the record straight on the Megxit


A few days after their official departure from the royal family, it’s time for Meghan and Harry to settle down. William‘s brother spoke in James Corden’s Late Late Show and defended himself from “running away” from his family.

Last Friday, February 19, Queen Elizabeth said she was “saddened” in a statement, and for good reason, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had confirmed their desire, expressed a year earlier, to leave the royal family. For twelve months, Archie’s parents have been scrutinized, accused and insulted. For Prince Harry the hour is with the development. In an unpublished appearance in the Late Late Show by host James Corden, William‘s brother played it straight and assured that he had not sought to “run away” from the royal family and had simply done “what any husband or father would have done”.


Indeed, faced with harassment from the English tabloids, he decided to take to the high seas. “We know how the British press behaves, and it was destroying my sanity,” he defended himself. And to believe that what was happening was “toxic”. “I got my family out of there,” he said. Then to answer the rumors: “No, I didn’t run away and I will always be of service to others, no matter where I live.

Prince Harry, who has lived in California for almost a year, said his move was a desire to “get away rather than quit. Open-hearted revelations that sound like a desire to tell his truth at a time of renewal for the Sussex people.

Sussex regain control of their communication

In 2021, Meghan and Harry take their destiny back into their own hands. The couple, who have lost some of their patronage, have many plans, starting with telling everything about the last few months that have passed. Indeed, they have agreed to speak to Oprah Winfrey for a big interview that will be broadcast on CBS on March 7 and which promises its share of revelations. The couple is also taking care of their business, which is flourishing. In addition to Netflix and Spotify, Meghan Markle has invested in a company that makes instant lattes, and they’re looking forward to more adventures. In the meantime, the next one will be hosting their second child.

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