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How Did Meghan Markle And Harry Get To California? That Secret Plan That “Worked Perfectly”


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry moved from Canada, where they had settled temporarily, to California in March. The move was made discreetly with the help of a star from Los Angeles, where they now live.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been confined to a luxury Beverly Hills villa for several weeks. There they quietly celebrated their son Archie’s first birthday on May 6th. On this occasion, they revealed a new video of the little boy, who has grown up and looks a lot like his father. But apart from the cute footage – which shows little Archie fidgeting on his mother’s lap trying to read him a story – the Sussex couple continues to live in isolation from the media. Discretion has become their new watchword.

In mid-March, they moved quietly from their temporary home in Canada to the luxury mansion owned by Tyler Perry in Beverly Hills. According to the Daily Mail, Meghan and Harry met the American actor and producer through a mutual friend, none other than Oprah Winfrey. Tyler Perry was the mastermind behind Meghan, Harry and Archie’s express move. “It was an operation planned down to the last millimetre and it worked perfectly,” said a British media source.



According to the Daily Mail, Tyler Perry sent his $150 million (about ‘137 million) private jet, which usually lies in Atlanta, to pick up Meghan, Harry and Archie in Canada on March 14 in the middle of the night. They made a stopover in Portland, Oregon, before reaching their final destination: Hollywood Burbank Airport. From there, they would have gone directly to Tyler Perry’s home in Beverly Hills. But the current real estate market prices, which are skyrocketing due to the coronavirus pandemic, could allow them to buy their own villa sooner than expected and at a lower price.

Photo credits : AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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