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Have Meghan Markle and Harry really left social networks? The prince answers


When will we find Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on social networks? According to an interview with him, an in-depth reform of these platforms would be necessary to bring them back online.

Prince Harry is not afraid to speak his mind. And this concerns his family’s privacy as much as it does social networks and their sometimes disastrous consequences. Interviewed by the economic magazine Fast Company on January 22, Meghan Markle’s husband spoke about the events of January 6 on Capitol Hill in Washington and the potential return of the royal couple on the platforms.

Ten months ago, Meghan and Harry, who are waging a merciless war against the British tabloids, deserted the social networks. Will we ever see them again on the Web? We’ll have to be patient, if the Duke of Sussex is to be believed.

While he readily admits that these platforms create a sense of connection and community that is “vital to human beings”, he seems in no hurry to return to them. The return to the social networks of the royal couple, who are expatriates in the United States, cannot take place until “significant commitments to reform” have been observed.

Denouncing hatred, violence, division and confusion

According to him, the platforms “have contributed to and fuelled the conditions for a crisis of hatred, a health crisis, and a crisis of truth”. He takes the example of the armed eruption on 6 January of hundreds of pro-Trump activists inside the Capitol.

He, who has long called for a refoundation of the principles of social networks, says he is “grateful” to the employees of these Web giants “who choose to denounce hatred, violence, division and confusion”.

Many platforms made the historic decision to suspend the accounts of former US President Donald Trump, then still in office. Moreover, the dissemination of his unfounded, often hateful and rarely politically correct messages has brought back to the heart of the debate a thorny question: can private companies such as Twitter and Facebook have an influence on the freedom of expression of Internet users?

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