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Harry’s cult line about Meghan Markle twisting the Queen


A sentence uttered by Prince Harry a few months before his marriage to Meghan Markle provoked the anger of Queen Elizabeth, and foreshadowed the continuation of their conflict.

Prince Harry’s childhood friends found Meghan Markle temperamental, according to a biography of Prince Philip. A trait attributed to the American by many of her detractors, whose opinion was of little importance to the Duke of Sussex.

From the very beginning of their relationship, the Duke of Sussex always made sure that his companion got what she wanted, despite the protests this might have generated. A sentence pronounced before their marriage proves it. Under pressure during the preparations for the festivities, he got carried away: “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets!”

Queen Elizabeth also made herself heard. When choosing the bride’s accessories, the monarch noted that Meghan Markle “can’t have everything she wants” after she asked to wear an emerald tiara, according to the biography Finding Freedom, released last August.

Two years later, the breakup

Feminist and progressive, Meghan Markle did not conform to all the traditions dictated by the Firm, attracting the wrath of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and some of the British, more fond of Kate Middleton’s restraint.

The conflicts provoked – or exacerbated – by the arrival of the former actress led the royal family to a point of no return last January, when the Sussex couple announced their departure. More than two years after Prince Harry uttered that sentence, Meghan Markle has achieved what she wanted: to found her family, in her own words… but also in the words of the Duke of Sussex, who was relieved to have been freed from the royal straitjacket.

Photo credits: ABC / BACKGRID UK via Bestimage / Getty Images

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