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Harry regularly asks Elizabeth II about Prince Philip


Despite the strong tensions with the Crown, Prince Harry makes it a point of honor to take news of the health of Prince Philip, recently released from the hospital. A way for the Duke of Sussex to ease relations with his broken family.


Would Prince Harry have remorse after his interview particularly embarrassing for the Crown? After the shattering revelations of the Sussexes, relations with the royal family have never been so tense. Yet Prince Harry makes sure to contact Queen Elizabeth II as regularly as possible, to take news of Prince Philip, according to information from our sources. During their interview with Oprah Winfrey, the couple of Sussex had also taken care to spare the Duke of Edinburgh, then hospitalized after a heart operation. No question for Prince Harry to scratch the image of his grandfather or that of his grandmother, with whom he has kept very good contacts since his departure from the monarchy.

After the broadcast of the interview of the Sussex in which Meghan Markle mentioned the racist reflections of one of the members of the Crown, Prince Harry had insisted on making known that it was in no way his grandparents. A way to protect the Queen and Prince Philip, who himself has always known how to calm the ardor of his family to avoid scandals.

A non-productive phone call

For the entourage of Cambridge, the behavior of Sussex is incomprehensible. “It seems that they want to maintain this climate while the Crown tries to protect Prince Philip from the media,” said a close friend. The American journalist Gayle King recently revealed that Princes William and Harry had exchanged since the broadcast of the interview, but that this discussion had not been productive. The trust seems well and truly broken between the sons of Prince Charles

Prince Philip spared by the scandal? His family did not tell him everything

Prince Philip is finally back home after a month of hospitalization. During this one, his family was careful not to tell him the details of the interview with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

After receiving treatment for a month, Prince Philip was finally allowed to leave the King Edward VII Hospital in London this Tuesday, March 16. During this time, the royal family has been roughed up, to say the least, by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who gave a shocking interview to Oprah Winfrey in which they revealed some embarrassing things for the Crown. As reported by the Daily Mail, royal pundit Katie Nicholl confided that her entourage did their best to protect Prince Philip from the Sussexes’ explosive revelations while he was in the hospital.

“He’s not aware of the full extent of the fallout,” she explained to an Australian media outlet. She added: “It’s obviously impossible for him to escape everything that’s been said but the family has made some efforts to ensure he’s protected from as many revelations as possible.” However, no one knows what the man who has been the Queen’s husband for 73 years has been kept in the loop about.

The royal family concerned about Prince Philip’s health

The 99-year-old Duke of Edinburgh, who was hospitalized on February 16 “after feeling unwell,” must now rest and take it easy. “It was a great relief to see him leave in a car and not an ambulance, but he looked very frail,” exclaimed Katie Nicholl during this interview. She continued, “I know the family is relieved that he’s home, but they’re mostly deeply concerned about his health.”

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