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Harry eclipsed by Meghan Markle? Why does he have to worry


On September 15, Prince Harry celebrated his 36th birthday in Los Angeles. Far from his family, the Duke of Sussex seems to have trouble finding his place, at the risk of being overshadowed by his wife, Meghan Markle…

Prince Harry has just passed a new milestone. William’s brother celebrated his 36th birthday on September 15. At the approach of his forties, the Duke of Sussex, now settled with Meghan Markle and Archie in Los Angeles, tries to lead a new life, freed from the straitjacket of the British royal family.

If some experts describe him as “happier than ever”, the young man seems trapped. Prisoner of a country where he has never lived. For Prince Harry confided him a few years ago to friends: if he had to leave The Firm, he would move to Africa, to lead a simple and quiet life.

His choice to settle in the United States seems therefore surprising. He finds himself under the spotlight of Hollywood and crazy paparazzi. Out of love, he followed the desires of his wife, a native of the City of Angels.

Far from his friends, his roots, but also his military commitments, what future is in store for the Duke of Sussex? Indeed, even if he can boast of a juicy contract with Netflix, Archie’s father could be supplanted by his wife, to whom one attributes political desires.

“It’s interesting when we see that he has been eclipsed by the Cambridge conductors (namely his brother, William, and his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton – Editor’s note). He as an individual now faces the prospect of being eclipsed by his American wife (…). That could be a problem for him,” analyses Camilla Tominey, journalist for The Telegraph.


There is still work to be done

Prince Harry seems to have difficulty finding his place. If the royal family has left him a way out, it seems unlikely today that the young man will return to his family. However, in the event of a hard blow, the support of his brother, with whom he has been at odds for several months, could be indispensable to him.

“In terms of finances, they have a bright future in the United States, but as far as relations with the royal family and others are concerned, I think there is still work to be done,” Camilla Tominey points out. Especially since Prince William has put aside their tensions to celebrate his younger son’s birthday.

Now changed, Harry intends to blossom in his own way. “He’s maturing in his new role, but it’s being done in the shadow of his wife, because he’s out of his own territory,” the Telegraph reporter continues. “Time will tell us how he adapts to this new life in the coming months because it comes at a rather difficult time in his life. He is facing important challenges in his life”. Challenges from which he will emerge stronger?

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