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Harry and William when will they meet again?


Scrambled, Princes William and Harry have not seen each other for several months. However, the two brothers are expected to meet again at a symbolic event, scheduled for 2021.

It is a story as we have seen in the past. Two brothers separated after a family quarrel. However, what could be a simple news item takes on other dimensions. For these two brothers, Princes William and Harry, belong to one of the most influential royal families in the world: the British monarchy.

And their discord is unprecedented. The two sons of Prince Charles were in fact more closely linked than ever since the death of their mother, Lady Di, in 1997. It is however the love story between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle that would have put an end to this fraternal agreement.

According to many experts, the youngest son would never have forgiven his eldest son for not welcoming his future wife with open arms, as William expressed some doubts about their love story. Since then, the quarrel between the two brothers seems insurmountable, with the Megxit announced last January.

Now settled in Los Angeles with his wife and son, Prince Harry does not seem ready to forgive the lack of support from the royal family. And for his part, the latter should no longer grant him the advantages of his rank.


A reunion for 2021?

Faced with such torments, it is difficult to imagine a reunion between William and Harry, especially with a health crisis that complicates travel between the two continents. However, Elizabeth II’s two grandsons could see each other again in a few months.

Indeed, if Prince Harry and Meghan Markle plan to spend Christmas in their new Montecito home, they could return with Archie to the UK just after the holidays, as revealed by Vanity Fair. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are scheduled to appear before the High Court of Justice in London in connection with the case between the former actress of Suits and the publisher of the Mail on Sunday.

As a reminder, Meghan Markle blames the British tabloid for having published in February 2019 a private letter she had sent to her father Thomas. As a result, she is suing, among others, the Associated Newspapers group for breach of privacy and copyright infringement.

Although she lost the first part of her lawsuit last May, she is expected to continue the battle with her husband in the coming months. One question remains: will they bother to visit the royal family when they come to British soil?

Nothing is less certain as the split seems so clear-cut. In any case, they will be obliged to isolate themselves at Frogmore Cottage for a fortnight, to respect the sanitary rules. Even if the couple escapes at first from the Firm, they should not have the choice in the future, forcing a reunion between Harry and William.

Indeed, the two brothers coordinated together a personal project: the erection of the statue of Diana in the white garden of Kensington Palace. Many times postponed, its presentation is scheduled for next year on the occasion of what should have been the 60th birthday of the Princess of Wales, July 1, 2021. Apart from a major incident, the two brothers will meet side by side to celebrate their mother. Will she be the one to bring them peace again? The future will tell us.

In full promotion of his book Battle of Brothers, which explains the origins of the fratricidal war between Princes William and Harry, Robert Lacey returned to the role of Meghan Markle in this unprecedented conflict.

It’s a love story that in part changed the trajectory of the British Royal Family. The romance between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry definitely impacted the functioning of the monarchy, but more importantly, it led to an unprecedented rift between the Duke of Sussex and his older brother, William.

Indeed, many experts say that the youngest of the family would never have forgiven his eldest son for not welcoming his future wife with open arms, the Duke of Cambridge being worried that their story was going too fast.

It was to explain the deep origins of this fratricidal war that historian Robert Lacey published Battle of Brothers. A work that reveals the underbelly of the royal family, as well as the traumas of the two brothers.

Invited in Good Morning Britain, the biographer came back with host Piers Morgan on this discord. For him, Meghan Markle is the “real reason” for the quarrel between Harry and William. “Meghan was a major problem for the royal family,” he reveals in the British show.

“It’s easy to step back after the event. (…) But she was a self-taught millionaire, the only one in the royal family to have earned her own money and above all to have created her own celebrity, without inheriting it.”

Prince William was absolutely right

According to Robert Lacey, Prince William was “absolutely right” to worry about his brother’s new romance. “It must be said that the preparations were not sufficient,” the historian told Piers Morgan. In fact, everything happened very quickly between Meghan Markle and Harry.

After a meeting in 2016, the couple got engaged the following year, finally getting married in May 2018 and welcoming their son Archie a year later. A chronology of events far too fast for William, who took almost ten years to marry Kate Middleton.

This contrast between the two brothers also feeds on the antagonism between the very humble Duchess of Cambridge and the former actress of Suits. As Robert Lacey reveals, the latter did not feel “important” enough in the eyes of the British royal family. This was a significant factor in her family’s departure across the Atlantic.

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