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Harry and William still angry? That deafening silence that intrigues


Was Princess Diana manipulated into accepting her famous BBC interview in 1995? While Prince William has spoken on the subject, Harry gives way to a deafening silence.

Twenty-five years after its broadcast, Princess Diana’s explosive interview on the BBC could give way to more revelations. Because in the face of recent statements by the British press, the British channel decided to open an independent investigation into the means used at the time by journalist Martin Bashir to get this historic interview.

The BBC employee is indeed accused of having used false bank statements – falsified by a graphic designer of the channel – to gain Diana’s trust and assured her that she was being bugged and spied on by MI5.

This first step by the BBC, until now reluctant to open an investigation, prompted Prince William to speak out on the subject. According to Daily Mail journalist Rebecca English, the Duke of Cambridge has issued a statement in which he asks for “the truth” about how his mother’s interview was obtained, even if he accepts “with tweezers” the BBC’s investigation. In the cacophony surrounding this affair, during which Charles Spencer, Diana’s brother, also spoke, a member of the royal family remains silent: Harry, the younger son of the Princess of Hearts.

A strange silence

The Duke of Sussex, now living in Los Angeles with his wife and son, was accused of not supporting his brother. Could this silence be linked to the quarrel between William and Harry, which has been going on for several months? “Usually he is so keen to make his opinions known, why didn’t he do so in this case,” observes Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty Magazine, with the Daily Mirror. “It’s strange that he didn’t talk about the BCC case and Martin Bashir, because he’s been talking about a lot of things recently.”

A deafening silence that should end soon, according to the specialist of the royal family. “(The two brothers) should soon be standing side by side,” she continued. A way perhaps to renew a dialogue between the two men, who will in any case have to meet again in 2021, on the occasion of the installation of a statue of their mother in the white garden of Kensington Palace.

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