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Harry and Meghan, not short of money: The Secret Of Their Fortune


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are at the head of a large fortune. In the documentary Meghan and Harry: The Postage Men broadcast on BFM TV on Monday 15 June, experts have revealed in detail the money owned by the Sussex couple.

The cost of renovating Frogmore Cottage, flying back and forth in a private jet for the holidays, renting a house in Los Angeles and then buying a splendid property, or a salty note for their security costs: how do Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who have decided to be financially independent, pay their bills? The couple from Sussex “is not short of money” since they are “at the head of a small fortune” reveals the documentary Meghan and Harry: the postage paid, broadcast on Monday 15 June on BFM TV.

First of all, the Prince of Wales helps the couple financially. “He has a considerable income from the Duchy of Cornwall, about 23 million euros a year,” reveals Bob Morris, Professor of Constitutional Law at University College London, “he gives William and Harry about three million euros a year.”

In addition to this, Prince Harry received a sum of money from the death of his mother, Princess Lady Diana. “He also inherited part of the fortune of his great-grandmother, the queen mother, who died in 2002. He’s got some money he made when he was a soldier, we think he’s got about 25 million euros.” Meghan Markle is not to be outdone.

“She got paid quite handsomely when she was an actress in the series Suits, she did a lot of performances, and she had a social networking site. She has still amassed a fortune which is estimated to be around 5 million euros.” Two substantial respective estates, especially for Prince Harry.

“Uncomfortable” with Meghan Markle.

Before their marriage, Queen Elizabeth II had wanted the couple to sign a marriage contract, which would stipulate that Meghan Markle would receive a certain amount of money if the couple were to divorce. A proposal that had provoked the anger of Prince Harry, “an uncomfortable situation” towards Meghan Markle reports Angela Levin, royal correspondent.

Sure of his feelings, Prince Harry, like Meghan Markle, refused to sign any agreement. The fact remains that these large sums of money are melting like snow in the sun, given the couple’s luxurious lifestyle. One day, it will inevitably be necessary to replenish the coffers…

Photo credits : Agency / Bestimage

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