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Harry and Meghan in Canada. Madonna offers them her New York apartment instead…


In a video posted Wednesday, February 5 on Instagram, Madonna offers Prince Harry and Meghan Markle the use of her New York apartment. She advises the royal couple not to move to Canada, a country that the star considers “boring”.

Madonna didn’t just make friends by offering Meghan and Harry to move to her New York apartment on Wednesday, February 5th instead of moving to Canada. The singer posted a video on Instagram to invite Archie’s parents: “Don’t run away to Canada, it’s so boring there,” instead suggesting they “sublet his Central Park West apartment.

The 61-year-old singer praised the qualities of her apartment to the British couple, who had relinquished their royal status, the HuffPost reported. It’s a three-room apartment, it has the most beautiful view of Manhattan, an incredible balcony, she says. It’s a good deal, it’s going to make a difference. Central Park West has nothing to envy to Buckingham Palace.



” I’m proud of the way we’re boring.”

“There’s definitely a better view,” someone in the video tells him. “Yes, guys in woollen hats,” Madonna replies, referring to the hat on the uniform of the English guards posted around the London palace. It’s actually a bear-hair cap. If the singer is not tender with the British royal tradition, many Canadians did not appreciate her remark about their country either.

“So Madonna finds Canada boring? I was surprised to hear that, mostly because I had actually forgotten she was alive. My mistake,” writes one Internet user.
“So a celebrity says Canada is boring? As a Canadian, I’m proud of how boring we are,” says another.

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