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Harassed Meghan Markle and Harry go to war with the press…


Harry had filed a complaint in the United States. The couple denounced the use of drones to try to capture stolen photos of their son Archie in their new Californian home. He points his finger at the Daily Mail, which they accuse of having twice revealed their place of residence.

Meghan and Harry do not intend to let themselves be confronted by the press. On July 24th it was announced that the couple would launch a lawsuit in the United States.

The reason for their complaint: the use of drones to obtain stolen photos of little Archie. The fault, according to them, lies with “the ingenuity of the media and their insatiable appetite to harass and invade the privacy of the families”.

The Sussex took advantage of the incident to smear the Daily Mail, accusing the newspaper of twice revealing “their exact whereabouts” in Canada and Los Angeles. This information led, according to them, to their being sued by the press and the paparazzi in the hours that followed.

As a result, according to the complaint, Archie’s photos were taken in the backyard of their private home (and not in Malibu, where the couple never went, as the paparazzi tried to make it seem).

For the couple, these pictures are not “of public interest” but a way to “take advantage of a child”. Enough to force the couple to take action. The lawyer for Sussex said: “The Duke and Duchess filed a complaint to protect their young son’s right to privacy in their home, without photographers trying to enter, and to unmask and stop those who would profit from his illegal actions.”

Meghan and Harry (re)go to war

The charges against the Daily Mail should not help the already strained relations between the couple and the British tabloid. On British soil, a lawsuit is being fought between Meghan Markle and the publication.

In October 2019, Prince Harry warned: no more “never explain, never complain” which had until then been the family’s creed. From now on, the Sussex no longer hesitated to attack and respond. Whether the press likes it or not.

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