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Fact-checking: Why Prince Harry will never lose his title


Some media are spreading the misinformation that Prince Harry may lose his title. Yet the Duke of Sussex will remain a prince throughout his life, no matter what happens.

Following an article in Life & Style, several media outlets such as the German Gala or the Express are spreading a rumour that Prince Harry may lose his title of Prince. He disappointed Prince Philip in particular by leaving England to lead a new life in the United States with Meghan Markle. And yet this is simply impossible as several experts interviewed on the subject say.

Quoted by the Insider, the expert of royalty Robert Jobson affirms that Prince Harry will preserve his right of a first-born child no matter what happens. In other words: one is born and dies a prince. He will also always remain the son of the heir to the throne and the sixth heir in the order of succession, behind notably his nephew, Prince Louis, who is two years old.

Already last January, Buckingham Palace had put an end to rumors by assuring that the only title Harry and Meghan would lose when they left the royal family was that of His Royal Highness (HRH).

Many differences

Katie Nicholl, another expert on royalty, confirmed that Prince Harry’s birthright – who has no problem with being called just Harry – allowed him to retain his title until his death. She does not believe that the Queen will revoke her grandson’s duchy even though he sometimes makes decisions that she does not support.

Among their differences, some talk about the very juicy contracts signed by Sussex with big companies like Netflix. Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, a British lawyer, says that some other members of the British crown also know how to sell themselves to brands. Some people think they know she’s talking about Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. Moreover, the Queen herself had signed a contract authorizing the installation of an open-air cinema in her residence in Sandringham.

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