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Expenses: Meghan Markle and Harry demanding at the Gold Award lectures


The back-to-school season promises to be busy for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are expected to participate in various lectures throughout the year, paid for with gold prizes. Commitments for which the spouses of Sussex have set their very strict conditions …

It is no secret that the spouses of Sussex have the reputation of being demanding with regard to their way of life and their protection. If they have been trying to live like normal citizens ever since they slammed the door of the monarchy, it would seem that naturalness soon returns at full gallop.

According to information from the Telegraph, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who signed a juicy contract with a prestigious communications agency last June, have drawn up a list of rules that must be respected if they agree to travel for conferences.

The royal couple would first of all like the negotiated amount due to them to be paid before the conference. Another requirement is that the person who will present them and lead the debate must be chosen by them, to avoid unpleasant surprises. But that’s not all, the Sussex spouses also want to know in advance who will be present in the audience.

A little control freak, Meghan and Harry? The rules imposed by Sussex don’t seem to jeopardize their business in any case, since they have been drowning in requests for collaboration since their departure from the United Kingdom. As soon as they arrived in the United States, they were already receiving a colossal amount of money to travel to Miami for business.

Objective: to replenish the coffers

While some people already see Meghan Markle in politics, Archie’s parents don’t have that kind of concern in mind at the moment. Their goal for the moment is clear, to pay off their debts to the Crown and to assume their particularly luxurious lifestyle, they who have just moved into a villa in Santa Barbara.

One thing is certain, the cheque they signed to reimburse the taxpayer for the renovation work at Frogmore Cottage was recently amortized by signing an exceptional contract with Netflix, which should put them away for many years to come.

Photo credits: Agency / Bestimage

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