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Elizabeth II: What is really the amount of her personal fortune?


Contrary to what one might think, Queen Elizabeth II was, in 2018, only ranked 344th among the world’s most fortunate people. Although she has a collection of priceless jewellery and properties, the Monarch’s fortune is not as large as one might think.

According to the Sunday Times, which focuses on the world’s largest fortunes, Queen Elizabeth was only ranked 344th among the world’s wealthiest people in 2018. This is despite her many valuable properties, jewellery and artwork. The Sunday Times also stated that the fortune of the British royal family, including all its members, amounted to 88 billion dollars or 78 billion euros.

According to Forbes, the Queen’s fortune in 2016 was 530 million pounds sterling (588 million euros). Her husband, Prince Philip, would have a personal fortune of about £25 million (€27 million).

Not Europe’s richest monarch

In 2019, the Business Insider website unveiled its annual ranking of the biggest fortunes in the gotha. Against all expectations, Queen Elizabeth II is not the richest European monarch: the Monarch is outranked by Prince Albert and Charlene of Monaco. According to this classification, Queen Elizabeth II also holds a patrimony of 500 million dollars. A patrimony that she can only enjoy for the most part as a sovereign and not in a personal capacity. For example, her royal official residences, such as Buckingham Palace, will have to be passed on to her successor.

The new sovereign will inherit

This means that Prince Charles will automatically own it, but only again as sovereign, upon the Queen’s death. The same rules apply to many other treasures in the Royal Collection, including the famous Crown Jewels. For her everyday life, The Queen can use three financial resources: the Sovereign Grant (the money the government gives her each year as Queen), the Privy Purse (a portfolio of 18,000 hectares of land and property in England and Wales) and her own money.

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