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Elizabeth II: This drastic rule imposed to protect her from the coronavirus


Confined to Windsor Castle with her husband, Prince Philip, Elizabeth II instituted drastic rules for her staff. According to The Sun, the Queen, terrified of being infected with the coronavirus, has found the perfect parade to protect herself from it.

Since the middle of March, Elizabeth II has deserted Buckingham Palace to go to Windsor Castle, a few kilometres from London. Confined to the side of her husband, Prince Philip, hitherto domiciled at Sandringham Castle, the Queen, who has been hyper-active in recent weeks, does not forget to protect herself.

After the announcement of the contamination of Prince Charles and a member of his guard, Elizabeth II imposed brand new rules on her employees, details The Sun. The twenty-four employees were divided into two groups. Thus, for three weeks, twelve members of her staff remained in Her Majesty’s service before being reunited with their loved ones for two weeks. At the end of this fortnight, they are invited to remain in quarantine for one week, during which they must undergo an epidemiological test before returning to the Queen.

“Everyone is terrified for Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.”

“We can’t take any risks with the health of the Queen or the Duke, so it’s perfectly normal,” concedes one source, before expressing doubts about the Queen’s imminent return to Windsor. Since she sent Kate Middleton and William to the front, increasingly persistent rumours have been circulating that the royal couple were “confined for life”. And with good reason! The British are worried about their health. “There is a great sense of fear around the Queen, anguish is palpable. Everyone is terrified here, not only for their own health, but also for that of the Queen and the Duke,” a Royal correspondent in the tabloid recently confided. No doubt the drastic rules taken by their royal highnesses should calm their worries.

Photo credits: AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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