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Elizabeth II relies on Kate Middleton: how she prepares her for her role as future queen


If Elizabeth II never really carried Meghan Markle in her heart, her “rival” Kate Middleton did not. Between the Queen of England and the Duchess of Cambridge, a true relationship of trust has been forged. And the former has no shortage of advice for the latter.

The year 2020 did not begin under the best auspices for Elizabeth II. The resounding departure of Meghan Markle and Harry for Canada plunged the Crown into “Megxit” and the many twists and turns around the Duke and Duchess of Sussex only scratched the image of England’s royal family more and more each day.

Fortunately, in the storm, the Queen was able to count on loyal supporters, whether it was Prince Charles or her grandson William. The latter’s wife, Kate Middleton, became a faithful ally of the monarch in recent years.

From duchess to queen, there is only one step and Kate Middleton is determined to take it. And Elizabeth II is not shying away from helping her in the process. As this article from our British colleagues in the Telegraph shows, Prince Charles’ mother places all her hopes in Prince William’s wife.

His discretion during the “Megxit” events was particularly appreciated. What makes her the heir to Elizabeth II? Still, in the shadows, many people are getting restless. Academic leaders, high-ranking officials and security services are working to make the transition. Prince William is only second in line to the throne after his father, Prince Charles.

So, Kate Middleton soon to be Queen of England? A reality that we must, slowly but surely, begin to contemplate.
The Queen’s approach of focusing her attention on Kate Middleton rather than on the consequences of “Megxit” is reminiscent of the Way Ahead Group, the group made up of members of the English royal family that was formed in 1992.

An initiative born in the wake of a series of scandals for the Crown and which consisted of developing strategies to bounce back and move forward. In the greatest secrecy, they were manoeuvring to restore the nobility of a dynasty that was at the heart of several controversies. Well, it’s the same thing now. After the “Megxit” scandal, Elizabeth II and her flock are actively considering what to do next. And this new golden age may well be Kate Middleton’s.

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