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Elizabeth II and the Harry case: The real reasons for her indulgence


Queen Elizabeth II has always been present at the side of Prince Harry, even in his moments of rebellion. A real indulgence, which she knew with another member of her family.

How will the British royal family forgive Harry and Meghan Markle after their explosive interview? For almost a month now, tensions between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with other members of the Crown have been increasing. Prince William still has a lot of anger towards his little brother and is not ready to forgive him any time soon. Moreover, the British people, too, seems to have a grudge against the princely couple since their interview, broadcast at the same time as the hospitalization of Prince Philip, the husband of the Queen. However, if there is one person who does not seem to have a grudge against Prince Harry, it is his royal grandmother, Elizabeth II.

The Queen has always shown “infinite patience” towards her grandson, explains Andrew Morton, in an article published this April 1. The author of numerous royal biographies, including the latest, Elizabeth & Margaret: The Intimate World of the Windsor Sisters, explains that the queen saw her younger sister, Margaret, go through the same thing as Prince Harry. He says the queen learned from past mistakes by having seen Margaret struggle in her youth to carve out a meaningful royal role as a secondborn. “I think the queen knows that being the spare part is difficult and part of her recognizes that Harry was a bit of a lost soul at times, just like his sister,” said Andrew Morton.

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Avoiding a repeat of history

The queen has regularly publicly supported her grandson. According to the biographer, Elizabeth II was always ready to stand by Prince Harry, including during the most embarrassing moments of his youth. “When you compare the personalities, Harry is like Margaret, a royal rebel,” says Andrew Morton. Even when little Archie’s parents announced their resignation as royalty, the Queen did her best to accommodate her grandson’s wishes and help him create a new life for himself and his family.

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