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Donald Trump vs Meghan Markle: hostilities resume 


In a recent interview aired on Fox News, Donald Trump said he hoped to see Meghan Markle candidate for the U.S. presidential election in 2024 … to better counter her.

Here we go again. Just like Piers Morgan, Donald Trump is not the biggest defender of Meghan Markle. And according to an interview with the American channel Fox News this Tuesday, March 16, he would be ready to make it a political affair. The real estate mogul said he hoped to see the Duchess of Sussex as a candidate for the 2024 presidential election. But only in order to destabilize her in her race. “If it happens, I think it would encourage me even more to run,” he said. Note that, acquitted of a new impeachment trial in February 2021, no obstacles (for now) seem to stand in his way.

“I’m not a fan of her,” continued Melania Trump‘s husband, ready to support Her Majesty Elizabeth II as the monarchy goes through a trying media crisis, the biggest since 1995, when Lady Diana gave her own shock interview to Martin Bashir. “I’ve met the queen and I think the queen is a great person. And I’m not a fan of Meghan,” concluded Donald Trump, breaking an unusual but well-considered silence. Let him rest assured: the dislike is mutual. In 2016, Meghan Markle accused him of “misogyny”, pointing to him as “divisive” during an interview. Having become a member of the British royal family, she was forced into silence around her political views, but did not shy away from subtly sharing them. Thus, in 2019, and when Donald Trump was visiting Buckingham Palace, the mother-to-be was conspicuous by his absence, as was Prince Harry.

Meghan Markle 2024?

Back in her native California, Meghan Markle was more direct. In November 2020, she affirmed her support for Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate in the presidential election, from which he emerged victorious. A stance that scandalized the Crown but also, and especially, Donald Trump. A convinced feminist and anti-racist activist, the ex-actress has decided to revive her passion for politics (which she discovered during an internship at the American Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Rumor has it that after building a potential empire under the name Archewell, she recently met with members of the Democratic Party and laid the groundwork for a campaign. She would like to run in the next presidential election if Joe Biden rules out a second term. In the United Kingdom, the rumor is causing panic and many are trying to quell her (supposed) hopes.

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