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Charlene of Monaco, Diana, Meghan, Mako…20 victims of the princesses sickness


They married a prince they found charming. But they were knocked out by their duties, the protocol, the dynastic rules. If Diana, Princess of Wales, popularized the expression “princess sickness”, this syndrome has affected many others, from Grace Kelly to Meghan Markle, through Charlene of Monaco…

Charlene of Monaco, Diana, Meghan Markle… They all believed in the fairy tale. Before an exile of will or force. Before discovering themselves prisoners of a heavy protocol and, for some, to end up crushed by an ancestral institution. Meghan, the wife of Prince Harry, escaped in time. She found a freedom so desired by her mother-in-law Diana, Princess of Wales, whose trajectory came to an abrupt halt under the Alma bridge in Paris. But at the price of what controversy!

The mystery that thickens around a return to the principality of Charlene, disenchanted wife of Albert II of Monaco, proves it: becoming a princess is not only marrying a man; it is also marrying a destiny. Divorce is a difficult option since a sovereign is a divine right, risky as evidenced by the merciless war between Haya of Jordan and the Emir of Dubai.

Disillusionment does not only concern commoners, since Princess Mako of Japan understands what her future marriage to Kei Kamuro exposes her to, or that Leila Pahlavi, daughter of the last Shah of Iran forced to leave her country, will never have been able to lead a life other than that of a princess in exile, until giving in to suicide… Letizia of Spain, after having gritted her teeth, or Kate Middleton, with extreme patience, are almost survivors. In love with their husbands, they understood that the life of a princess was above all… a job.

Photo credits: Dominique Jacovides / PRM / Bestimage

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  1. None of them had racism added on top ,the press did not bully them as she was bullied ,she was not even getting married to The HEIR ,to survive that ,makes Meghan even more special than any of them ,any day,any time ,any Era .full stop


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