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Buckingham infested with malevolent forces? Prince Harry is still convinced


Settled in the United States for several months with his wife and son, Prince Harry still suffers from gossip and gossip. For the younger son of Prince Charles, there is no doubt that some in the Palace always take a malicious pleasure in harming him.

In the heart and mind of Queen Elizabeth, Meghan and Harry’s departure was never final. At the time of the Megxit, the sovereign has always made sure to leave the couple a way out. Should the American experience ever come to an end, the Sussex will have the opportunity to return to the United Kingdom where their official position can be re-evaluated.

But is such a reconciliation possible? In the words of Robert Lacey, author of Battle of Brothers in Vanity Fair, “there is no chance”. Even thousands of miles away, Prince Harry is still convinced that he and his wife are the subject of criticism and gossip within Buckingham himself.

Paranoia or acute awareness of a situation that deteriorates from year to year… “There seems to be evidence of the palace briefing against Harry and Meghan,” says Robert Lacey. To support his point, the historian refers to a recent article in the Sunday Times in which royal sources close to the palace claimed that Meghan and Harry had violated the agreement with the royal family by commenting on the American elections.

The Sussex had nevertheless shown great caution. “I’m afraid it seems that a decision has been made to make Harry the scapegoat and to justify the unique emergence of William in the new generation,” Robert Lacey suggests.

Under these conditions, how can one imagine that Meghan and Harry could even consider returning to the United Kingdom for good? “I don’t think we will ever see them leave their American base,” Robert Lacey concludes. As the gap between Harry and his family is widening, a true reconciliation seems utopian.

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