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Are Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie friends or rivals?


Princess Eugenie immediately announced the birth of her first child when Meghan Markle stole the spotlight with her pregnancy. Do the two moms still get along as well as they used to?

With the birth of her first child, Princess Eugenie was in the spotlight. Her happy news took a back seat a few days later after Meghan Markle revealed her pregnancy on February 14. After having eclipsed her in no time, the cousin of Princes Harry and William could blame the former actress. It must be said that this was not the first time the Duchess of Sussex had bypassed her. But it is not! Between Eugenie and Meghan Markle, the agreement would be more than just a beautiful one.

Princess Eugenie wouldn’t care if she was robbed of the limelight. The young mother, who recently revealed her royal baby’s first name, wouldn’t blame Meghan Markle for her stunt. Quite the opposite, in fact! According to podcast hosts Royally Obsessed, Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie, Jack Brooksbank’s wife would even be relieved not to attract any more attention, as reported by The Express on February 18.

Prior to the Sussex announcement, “everyone was focused” on the birth of his sweetheart. “Now she can just enjoy her first moments with her baby,” they added. Now that they’re linked by motherhood, Meghan Markle and Princess Eugenie would have become much closer. “They knew each other’s due dates,” reassured one source in an interview with People.

Before saying, “Eugenie now has her baby, while Harry and Meghan are already eagerly awaiting their second one. They are very close.” According to this person, these happy events “bring families together,” which “is especially nice.” Which is not quite accurate…

The Cambridge family hides in silence

During major announcements within the royal family, it is common for members to react publicly. Kate Middleton and Prince William, on the other hand, hid in silence after learning of Meghan Markle’s pregnancy. While Buckingham Palace sent congratulations to the prospective parents in a communiqué, the names of the Cambridge family were not explicitly mentioned.

“His Majesty, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Charles and the rest of the family are delighted and wish them much happiness,” it was simply written, as we reported to you on February 15.

Photo credits : Backgrid UK/ Bestimage

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