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A new meeting of Harry and William


A return of Prince Harry is scheduled for early July. He must attend an important event with his brother William. Where will Meghan Markle be with her pregnancy? This may complicate things.

After a complicated reunion with his father and brother, given the heavy family context after the death of Prince Philip, Harry should quickly return to London. It is expected that he will be present alongside Prince William on July 1 for the inauguration of the statue of Diana in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace. But will he really be there? Meghan Markle is pregnant. On July 1, she will either have just given birth to their baby girl, or will be just about to give birth.

It’s hard to imagine Prince Harry missing the birth of his daughter. But also difficult for him to miss an event as important as this tribute to his mother. Especially since the date of July 1, 2021 was not chosen at random. It is the birthday of Lady Di, who should have been 60 years old on that day.


Reconciliation in sight?

Archie’s little sister should theoretically be born in June but no official date has been announced. We just know that it is for soon since Meghan Markle’s doctors did not allow him to make the trip to England for the funeral of Prince Philip. If the alignment of the planets is not good, Prince Harry will have a heartbreaking choice to make.

And if Prince Harry should ever fail Prince William, what will happen to their relationship? Tensions between the two brothers seemed to ease after the funeral of their grandfather. Kate Middleton would be no stranger to it. All, including Prince Charles, were able to break the ice on Saturday. Being in a less painful context could help them to discuss in depth the problems encountered in recent months.

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