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The most uncredible fashion rules that the British Royal Family must follow


Colour, length, material… nothing is left to chance in the wardrobe of members of the royal family. As for the accessories, be careful here again to respect the protocol! Find out all the rules that Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth II must follow.
Do you dream of becoming a princess too? Did the weddings of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle blow your mind? However, you should know that joining the British royal family also means making many sacrifices, especially in your dressing room!

Clothing authorized or not by the British Royal Family

  • Wedding dresses must be white
  • Unlike Sarah Jessica Parker who married in a black dress, the duchesses have no choice: no eccentricity for their ceremony! They must wear a white wedding dress.


A black outfit must always be provided in the suitcase
Queen Elizabeth II learned of her father’s death while on the move. Westminster found herself in a difficult situation since she had to wear black clothing, as a sign of mourning, when she got out of her plane when she returned. Since then, all members of the royal family have been travelling in black clothing, just in case.

No fur! No fur!
To avoid any debate, the royal family is used to never wearing real fur.

We avoid any indecent dress
There is no greater fear for the queen than vulgarity. Like Coco Chanel, she avoids revealing her joints: the skirts must be noon-length, below the knee, and avoid revealing the elbows. A short skirt can exceptionally be worn if it is accompanied by pantyhose. As for plunging necklines, they are prohibited!

Long live the color!

Do you think the Queen of England has a passion for fluo? Not really, no. Only, it must be visible by all, and from afar please. Result? She loves to wear bright colors. And the rest of the royal family is invited to do the same at important events. In addition, they are protected from the rain with transparent umbrellas so that they remain visible in representation. Nothing is left to chance!

Photo credits : Chris Allerton

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