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Harry and Meghan Markle braved the Queen’s authority again 


Ever since they relinquished their royal duties, Harry and Meghan have completely ignored the Queen’s advice. As proof, the Sussex have once again defied her authority by signing a very juicy contract with Netflix, without even bothering to inform her, reveals The Sun.

Last January, Harry and Meghan Markle announced that they wanted to “become financially independent”. Exiled in Los Angeles, the couple, who moved into a villa as luxurious as a palace, had no choice but to find enough money to finance their lifestyle.

A few months after their emancipation, the Sussex family seems to have found the solution by signing an agreement of more than 100 million dollars with Netflix. A decision taken behind Elizabeth II’s back, reveals The Sun.

“Harry did not inform the queen of the Netflix deal,” reveals one source. Indeed, Elizabeth II, who “is only too aware of the pitfalls when members of the royal family embark on lucrative projects” believes that the Royals are “not for sale” and that working “outside the institution itself” represents a real “danger”.

Although disappointed that her favourite grandson did not inform her of her plans, the latter “knowing him as she does, knows that there was little chance she could dissuade him.

Elizabeth II did not say her last word

A questioning situation. Are Meghan and Harry still in contact with the Queen? One thing is certain, this contract, more than juicy, comes at just the right time for Sussex.

The couple, who still haven’t paid back the 2.7 million euros that the renovation of Frogmore Cottage cost, has committed to pay 20,000 euros per month. This, even though they have just bought a 12.3 million euro house in Santa Barbara, California, with a mortgage of 8.4 million euros.

The queen has not been warned, but she does have a say in the matter. “It goes without saying that all the agreements they make will be examined by the royal family,” notes the source, and concludes: “This agreement with Netflix (…) is an example of this”. It remains to be seen whether Elizabeth II will decide to use her right of veto and play the troublemaker…

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