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Royal baby: Meghan and Harry have already presented Lilibet Diana to Her Majesty The Queen 


And if Lilibet Diana was the baby of reconciliation? Her name is a tribute to Elizabeth II and Diana, Harry’s late mother, and the little girl, fruit of the love of the prince and Meghan Markle has already met his great-grandmother.

On Friday, June 4, Meghan Markle gave birth to little Lilibet Diana at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital in California. A royal baby who will not be a princess for the moment but has a name with a lot of meaning. By choosing it, Meghan Markle and Harry wanted to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II and Diana, the late mother of the Duke of Sussex. And while some castigate the couple for revealing the monarch’s nickname that should have remained private, she does not seem to hold it against them. She has already met his great-granddaughter.

This is what the site People reveals, this June 8. On their way back from the hospital, one of the most famous on the West Coast, the American actress and the youngest son of Prince Charles wanted to introduce Lilibet Diana to Her Majesty. A meeting that naturally took place by video. “They were very happy and could not wait to reveal the arrival of their daughter,” a source told the magazine. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry took 20 weeks off to enjoy their daughter. As for little Archie, he is reportedly thrilled to have welcomed his little sister.

The royal baby of peace?

A little girl who could well be the centerpiece of a possible reconciliation between the Sussexes and the royal family. Indeed, the tribute that was paid to her with the name Lilibet Diana, could well have touched Queen Elizabeth II. According to information from the Daily Mail, Her Majesty would have made a giant step towards Harry by inviting him to come to lunch for two at Windsor Castle. The brother of William should come again to put his bags in England in the coming weeks.

Lilibet Diana: what education for Meghan and Harry’s daughter?

Lilibet Diana is the first granddaughter of the Queen of England born outside the British territory, and will be raised far from the protocol that Prince Harry, her father, has known.

She may be a princess, but she will be a strong woman. Lilibet Diana, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s daughter, born on Friday, June 4, will not receive the royal upbringing that would have been expected if her parents had not left their official duties. Meghan Markle and Harry, freed from the weight of the Firm, will thus have the leisure to transmit to Lilibet and Archie, the values that animate them. The Duchess of Sussex has never hidden fighting for women’s rights and being a feminist, and she will not fail to apply her principles to her daughter’s education. Fighting for gender equality is one of the battles she put forward in her speech recorded for the Vax-Live charity concert, broadcast on May 8.

“My husband and I are thrilled to welcome a daughter soon. This is a great joy that we share with millions of other families around the world. When we think of her, we think of all those other families around the world who must be given the ability to lead us into the future. Their future ability to lead depends on the decisions we make and the actions we put in place now to enable them to organize a prosperous, equitable, and empathetic tomorrow for themselves and for all of us.” So Lilibet will be able to undertake at will, as suggested by the rest of Meghan’s speech at Vax-Live, which focused on women’s economic development: “Women, and particularly women of color, have seen an entire generation of economic progress disappear,” the Duchess of Sussex insists.

Already in 2015, at the UN podium, Meghan Markle proclaimed herself “Feminist and proud of it”, and this since the age of 11. A commitment that still lasts, and of which Meghan distills the signs more or less subtly throughout her rare appearances. Thus, we could see around her neck during her message to Vax-live a pendant of the brand Awe Inspired, which represents a raised fist, nestled in the sign of the woman. The Sussexes have also been known for their commitment to anti-racism, which has hit Meghan hard, and more recently, their son Archie.

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry’s daughter as a playmate for Lilibet

The Sussex children will not grow up with Harry’s nephews Louis, Charlotte, George, or Eugenie of York’s son August, but their neighbors will also be famous children, as reported by the Daily Mail. Among their possible playmates: Daisy Dove Bloom, the daughter of Orlando Bloom and Kary Perry, who live “down the street” from Prince Harry and Meghan in Montecito. Or the children of Misha Nonoo, a fashion designer very close to Meghan, with whom she collaborated to launch a clothing line for a women’s rights charity. The designer even told People that she looks to Meghan for advice on motherhood: “As with all friendships, we share lots of tips and tricks…”. There are even whispers that the designer is looking to move to Montecito…

Meghan Markle and Harry want to give their children strong role models, and models of strong women, as the list of possible godmothers of Lilibet can guess. Between Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams and Beyoncé, Lilibet will be spoilt for choice, in a mix of girl power and Hollywood glamour.

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