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Harry and Meghan at the coronation: Plans are “being finalized” but…


With the coronation of Charles III just a month away, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have yet to respond to the invitation card. While the countdown is on, the final decision would now be in the hands of the Duke of Sussex, as a royal insider revealed to Page Six.

Their presence at the coronation of King Charles III, on May 6 at Westminster Abbey, remains a mystery. If they have indeed received an invitation card to attend this historic event, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are slow to give their answer. And for good reason, the Montecito exiles are reportedly still looking into the matter. “Plans are being finalized,” as several sources revealed to our Page Six brethren. “There have been lengthy discussions between the Sussexes and the palace, there is a lack of time on this subject, of course,” said a royal insider with the American tabloid, this Thursday, April 6. And added: “It’s such a historic event and we hope Harry and Meghan will be there.”

If they are considering all possible scenarios, so that the coronation of the 74-year-old sovereign takes place in the best way, the organizers are eagerly awaiting the response of the Sussexes. Or rather that of the younger brother of Prince William. Indeed, the father of Lilibet and Archie would have the last word on this decision. He would be currently weighing the ‘for’ and ‘against’. “Harry has a lot of questions about the functioning of the event,” revealed a senior source. Since then, the son of Lady Diana has issued a small list of requirements. In particular, to be part of the members present on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the ceremony. A request swept aside by Charles III. A camouflet that could give a good reason to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle not to make the trip. And to avoid the icy reception of the Windsor and the possible booing around Westminster. However, nothing is decided. The suspense is at its height.

Harry and Meghan: ready to snub the coronation?

Some of their requests having been refused, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle could decline the invitation for another social event. Indeed, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could go to the traditional Met Gala in New York. A rumor that continues to panic the British press.

This annual celebration of fashion headed by Anna Wintour will take place on the evening of May 1, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And according to the British press, it may well be that the King’s youngest son and his wife go there and consciously choose to overshadow the long-awaited coronation, which will take place five days later. Prince Harry would then become the first member of the royal family to attend the Met Gala. A decision that would only reinforce the gap between Harry and the British royal family.

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  1. The best thing for those two is to stay in California, they are not wanted over here, they will only cause trouble and make it all about them. This is King Charles and Queen Camilla’s day. No one wants them over here, let this be a joyous occasion not a worry about what those two will do or say next

  2. Stay away with your wife and kids no one really is interested in the UK if you come or not as this is the kings time not YOUR OR YOUR WIFES.
    Please go to the fashion parade that is more your style as the people there might care as I said might as you have lost credibility in the eyes of most people. Snd your demands are for sure childish you are not a working Royal AND YOU SHOULD REMEMBER THE RULES. You abc M are giving the world intimation. The sooner you understand it the better it will be for you and your wife.


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