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Meghan Markle: Those frightening sums of money she’s already lost in proceedings


In January 2021, Meghan Markle will attempt to win her case against the newspaper publisher Associated Newspapers. Her legal costs already amount to more than one million pounds.

Her legal adventures are beginning to cost her a lot of money. According to information revealed by The Sun on Saturday, October 3, Meghan Markle’s legal fees are already reaching staggering amounts. In her legal battle against the newspaper publisher Associated Newspapers, which edits the Daily Mail, Prince Harry’s wife has already lost 1.8 million pounds (1.9 million euros).

As a reminder, the former Duchess of Sussex is suing them for violation of the Data Protection Act and copyright infringement for five articles published in February 2019. These articles included excerpts from a “private and confidential” letter she wrote to her father Thomas Markle (73 years old).

This enormous cost included 524,000 pounds for the preparation of the trial, as well as 304,700 pounds for the trial itself. But that’s not all. In order to bring the case to court, Meghan Markle would have spent £200,000. A royal correspondent, Chris Ship, reports a final expense to The Sun. Prince Harry’s wife should have signed a check for £250,000 to the publisher, after the courts twice ruled in her favour.

A justified addition

This salty addition does not scare Meghan Markle. She who no longer wants to be stepped on will have to face the second chapter of her war against the tabloids in January 2021. The trial will have to last ten days. Will the bill get longer? One thing is sure, the sums that Archie’s mother (1 year old) has already lost don’t alert her spokesperson, Jessie Bowhill. “1.8 million pounds is a reasonable and balanced sum for a ten-day trial in a high court,” she said in the columns of Hello! magazine last September.

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