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Meghan Markle : her mom has simple tastes, far from Hollywood


Far away from her daughter Meghan Markle’s life of rhinestones and sequins, Doria Ragland has taken on a new challenge: to teach a California high school student how to make hippie jewelry.

From her designer outfits to her jewelry signed by the world’s greatest jewelers, from the far-reaching work at Frogmore Cottage, begun just before she left the royal family, to her travels in private jets, Meghan Markle has been repeatedly criticized for her luxurious lifestyle.

Constantly judged and hunted by the British tabloids, little Archie’s mother and Prince Harry have recently moved to Santa Barbara, California where they hope to regain their privacy and start a new life far from protocol and official obligations.

While the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II has thus distanced himself from his family, his wife has been able to get closer to his mother. It was far from the world of rhinestones and sequins, but also of crowns and official outings that Doria Ragland continued her life in all simplicity after her daughter’s royal wedding.

At the age of 63, the yoga teacher whom her daughter describes as “free-spirited” decided to leave her job as a social worker in a mental health clinic to join Santa Monica College in Los Angeles where she teaches students how to design hippie jewelry.

“She has dreadlocks and a nose ring.”

On the site, Doria Ragland is described as “a local artist who has been creating jewelry and clothing for over ten years” who has participated in “some of the best art exhibitions in the country and has received awards for her creations. She loves to teach and believes in wearing handmade jewelry,” reports our British colleagues in the Mirror.

Very close to her mother, Meghan Markle has never hidden her admiration for her mother. “She has dreadlocks and a nose ring. She has just run the Los Angeles marathon.

We can have so much fun together, and yet I always find so much comfort in her support. This duality coexists in the same way as it does in a best friend,” she said.

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