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Elizabeth II’s Jubilee: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry create a surprise after the mass


Back in London, in order to celebrate the Queen’s jubilee, Meghan and Harry made a first public return to St. Paul’s Cathedral, this Friday, June 3. But to everyone’s surprise, the Sussexes preferred to skip the lunch organized at the Guildhall in London.

Meghan and Harry slipped away again. Scrutinized by the international media, the Sussexes made a first public return without children to St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, this Friday, June 3. From their arrival, scrutinized by the British, the two exiles still hand in hand received a mixed reception before going to the royal procession, along with the rest of the royal family. Invited to the Jubilee Mass of Elizabeth II – absent because of a discomfort that occurred the day before – the young parents created the surprise by leaving the square of the cathedral.

And for good reason. The clan had been invited to a banquet organized in honor of the monarch. However, the Sussexes preferred to slip away quickly after the mass, not preferring to attend the banquet of the sovereign, organized at the Guildhall a few minutes from the cathedral: “The royal family at large, basically everyone except the Sussexes, is at a reception at the Guildhall,” revealed the royal journalist, Richard Palmer on his Twitter account, photo to support.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry excluded by the Royal family

Elegant in a cream-colored coat dress, Meghan Markle competed in elegance on the arm of Prince Harry in uniform. Yet the tension was palpable inside St. Paul’s Cathedral, reports the media Sky News: “Ridiculous: Harry and Meghan were sitting in the adjacent aisle, placed at a distance from his family, a cold. Contrast to the last big event where they both joined the royal family in the service of the Commonwealth in March 2020,” pointed out an Internet user. Demoted to the sisters Eugenie and Beatrice, the Sussexes were placed opposite Charles, Camilla, William and Kate, all located in the front row.

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  1. Who cares and who gives a rat’s behind where Harry and Meghan sat. I’m sure they preferred sitting with their two cousins rather than having to put up with gritty clamed jaws and snide looks from the rest of the royals.

    • I would be happy sitting by the cousins who have supported me rather then the cob webs who find it difficult to smile let alone speak to H & M.

    • I don’t think William has. Or Charles. Despicable men. And let’s call it like it is: the Queen could put an end to this at any time by speaking out on the Sussex’s behalf. She’s outwardly supported Andrew who has committed some huge embarrassments, if not crimes! Harry dedicated 10+ years of military service to his country, continues his service to the military by supporting veterans, works to bring a focus to mental health, and lives a life dedicated to service. It isn’t as if he were, oh I don’t know, say, a paedophile? No, he’s being shunned because he dared to tell what really goes on inside the Palace. If I were Harry, I would say a big eff-U after this trip and write my memoir exposing every single pimple on the BRF collective arse.

    • No you are wrong. They are the best of that bunch. William is hateful covers up good in public. He’s the corrupt one and Kate must follow. She’s no better

  2. Harry and Meghan should have been wIth there family like the rest of the royals they all had there family beside them.As a father Charles should be ashamed of himself as he should have had both sons by his side no matter what there difference are at the moment, and how are they to sort things out between them if this his how his family treat them. Yes they have made mistakes but who doesn’t have grieves within there families.

  3. You say both parties, but it was only one of the parties that organised the seating well done Harry and Megan at least you had great company next to you. Happy people. We are proud if you 💙🔹💞

  4. It’s amazing how Harry and Meghan can never be ignored. Even when they keep a low profile the media will still go for them. These two an an indispensable pair and I love them. To hell with everyone and anyone who oozes negative energy for them, live your life and let them live theirs

  5. The RF are on the verge of total collapse, if that’s how they behave, despicable behaviour for supposedly loving family!,!?!? What a bunch of HYPOCRITES. Let’s face it , once the QUEEN GOES, most COMMONWEALTH NATIONS WILL WANT TO BE A REPUBLIC.
    Harry and Meghan are the most popular ROYALS OUTSIDE BRITAIN! So the SYMPATHY AND LOVE WILL BE ON THEIR SIDE! 💕💕💕🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Think and think hard William, before it’s too late.


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