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Meghan Markle: This adorable nickname her mother gives her


It’s no secret that Meghan Markle is very close to her mother Doria Ragland. Ever since she was a little girl, she’s given her the same nickname. And she still calls her that.

If there is someone who has always been behind Meghan Markle, it is Doria Ragland, her mother. The Duchess of Sussex has always been very close to her dear mother. Publicly, when her relationship with Prince Harry was revealed to the world, Doria Ragland has always been a listening ear for her daughter. And when the British media and critics from around the world were unleashed against her, at the time of the Megxit, or when the scandal with her father Thomas Markle broke out, Meghan was always able to take refuge in the arms of her mother. The two women are fused. And even if Meghan is now 41 years old, she is still her mother’s baby, who still calls her “flower”. Her nickname since she was a little girl.

In his podcast Archetypes, a new episode of which is published every Tuesday on Spotify, Meghan Markle has indeed recalled the ties that united her to her mother and this little nickname she still gives her. “My mom always calls me ‘flower.’ I’m a 41-year-old flower. It suits me,” she told the American transgender actress Michaela Jae Rodriguez, whom she had invited on her podcast.

Meghan Markle very upset

Meghan Markle and Michaela Jae Rodriguez have discussed various topics during this exchange. But they mainly talked about the place of women in our society. They also talked about the way women are perceived regarding their femininity, their sensuality or even their sexuality, often defined in relation to the men around them or with whom they are confronted (regardless of their professional background).

“If a man is a seducer, or just likes to have a lot of fun, he is often celebrated, even acclaimed. But a woman, no matter how successful she is in finance when she’s 50, or not, I can assure you there will always be someone who says, yeah, but she was a real bitch in college,” she said. Comments that Michaela Jae Rodriguez agreed with.

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